The Great Australia Party started back in 2017 as the Power to People Party which was the initial brainchild of Darryl O’Bryan and Mike Palmer from the Know Your rights Group, with a view to bring about a better understanding of the Commonwealth Constitution to both the Parliament and the people of Australia.

Senator Rod Culleton expressed an interest in the forming of the party and he wanted to incorporate a name and slogan that he had formulated being the Great Australian Party. We all agreed to the transition and went about utilising good people from all over Australia to bring the dream to a reality.

We asked Ian Nelson from One Nation status to help register the party and help us install the requirements laid out by the Australian Electoral Commission. By November 2018 we had made our formal submission to the Australian Electoral Commission. In April 2019 we managed to jump through all of the bureaucratic hoops to a registered Political party in the Commonwealth of Australia and its States.

We're standing up for every Australian
and want to achieve...

Taxation reform consistent with the Commonwealth Constitution.

A) As inherited, all taxes are voluntary for all subjects of the Commonwealth – all public infrastructure to be funded by the National Estate (All commodities and natural resources within the Commonwealth of Australia).
B) We will show that the entire country can be successfully funded through the correct taxation of corporations without the need for people to pay personal income tax.
C) The source of this funding shall be through consolidated revenue according to the Commonwealth Constitution.

Bank reform back to the provisions in the Commonwealth Constitution.

A) Revert the current Reserve Bank of Australia back the old public Commonwealth bank, so as to eliminate the fraud currently committed by the private banks.
B) Re-establish the safety net that was the public Commonwealth Bank, ensuring that people’s savings are sured up by the Commonwealth Bank.

Local Government reform.

A) Eliminate local councils’ ability to operate as defacto third tiers of government and re-naming them accordingly – ie. removing the word “government”.

Legislator reform in line with the Commonwealth Constitution.

A) The legislator of any legislation must be in accordance with Section 1 of the Commonwealth Constitution, until otherwise changed by Referendum.
B) We will also promote an elected Head of Power to ensure that all laws follow due process and that all laws can show their authority for creation.

Focus law enforcement on eliminating true crimes

ie. any that create an actual victim – and stop punishing innocent subjects for fake crimes against The State where no victim exists – eg. traffic fines, and prohibition against consumables (eg. marijuana.)
A) Eliminate any uncorroborated evidence being admitted to court.
B) We will promote election of all judicial officers as opposed to them being promoted by The State and thus, creating a conflict of interest.
C) We will enforce the use of Grand Juries as the mainstay of any indictable offence.

Adhere to Article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

ie. no forced medication (vaccinations, fluoride, forced mental health care).

Eliminate the Family Court

The Great Australian Party advocates to set up mediation counselling as a replacement.

Constitutional Education

Encourage education of all the people, of the Commonwealth of Australia, alerting them to the importance of the Commonwealth Constitution and validly approved laws.
A) Install a law that anyone who stands at any election must pass a test on their specific knowledge of the Commonwealth Constitution.


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Nathan Web-Smith – Mining and Pastoral

Lawrie Carr- Agricultural

Samantha Vinci – South Metro

Chris Irwin – North Metro

Ben Tilbury- East Metro




Rodney Culleton

Elected to the Senate in 2016, Rodney Culleton entered politics fighting for a Royal Commission into the Banks. The evidence he submitted to the Financial Services Inquiries was lethal and no matter how hard the government tried to stop the Royal Commission, they could not. Rod Culleton is also an advocate for a Constitutional judicial system. He stood up to those who were trying to undermine the rights of the Australian people, by not upholding the Commonwealth Constitution and he continues to bring this to light, as he fights for justice in the courts. After being thrown out of Parliament, another move that was against the process of the Constitution, Rod Culleton now leads The Great Australian Party in order to bring about the change that all Australians need, for them to have a fair go.