Former Senator Rod Culleton charge of assault – Withdrawn

Former Senator Rod Culleton charged with assault

Kojonup Police (WA) Constable Matt Johnson received a complaint from the Adelaide/Bendigo Bank agents, Mr. Terrance Kerr, known as the TAB man, claiming the former Senator, Rod Culleton assault him during the attempted theft of a farmers land almost three (3) months ago.

Update: The assault charge was withdrawn, just before very powerful evidence was to be presented by Rodney.

Terrence Kerr of Baycorp is the bailiff arguing with Culleton in the video above.

As a result, Rod Culleton has been charged with assault for defending the farmers property from the corrupt bankers, the bailiff and their accomplices, the WA Kojonup Police.

It’s a seven (7) year maximum gaol sentence for assault, and we all know this is purely about disqualifying Culleton from running in the next federal election under s44(ii) constitution.

“Disqualification; any person who; …for any offence punishable under the law of the Commonwealth or of a State by imprisonment for one year or longer…”

Culleton fought off the bankers and the police for the farmer to remain on the property, where he continues to be in full possession of the farm today. The farmer, Mr. Wayne Manolini even harvested a successful cereal crop estimated to be worth over $800,000 unfettered.

Rod Culleton briefed his supporters today in a Facebook Live.