“Justice denied against one Australian is justice denied against all Australians”

On this page GAP publishes reality politics through documentaries and videos to inform our members and the people of Australia of the events that are occurring under Australian laws whereby democracy is being eroded. The people, as the authority holders and pursuant to the laws of the Commonwealth, must now act for the restoration of the Commonwealth to protect the rights of current and future generations of all Australians. That remedy can be found through GAP to invoke honest government.

God Save the Queen

Deceptive Conduct

Trailer for Full Documentary

This GAP Documentary shows unconscionable conduct against our Australian primary producers.

Deceptive Conduct Part 1

After watching Deceptive Conduct part 2 we would appreciate your feedback by completing the Deceptive Conduct Survey. Please click the button below the Part 2 video at your convenience. This information will assist GAP in obtaining justice for all Australians.

Deceptive Conduct Part 2


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