How to Vote Cards for the WA Election 2021

Download how to vote cards for the WA Election on the 13th of March 2021.

Cease and Desist Order to the Governor of Victoria

It is apparent by reference to public records that the Queen’s representation in Victoria is absent for writ or commission in accord with the Crown of the foundation law for the Commonwealth and the several States within. The button below will allow you to download a Microsoft Word formatted document for your own use to send to the pretender to the role of governor in Victoria so we can correct the current unlawful activity that is occuring in this state.

You will need to edit and add your own details to the order and then send it as per your preferred method of communication. It is very important that you DO NOT change any of the wording.

Australian Commonwealth DUNS Numbers

List of currently registered trading corporations showing the use of the Commonwealth of Australia as a corporation.


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