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My name is Karen Burge. I grew up in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Moss Vale and now live in Newcastle.
When my daughter started school, I wanted to work from home so I started a home based lead lighting and crystal giftware business which I ran for 10 years.

With some serious health issues and a burning desire to heal myself and help others, I closed the doors to my lead light business in 2005 to discover health and healing. I joined a spiritual school and eventually became a spiritual teacher and mentor. I then went on to publish a free community magazine for 5 years and I now manage the Ubuntu Wellness Clinic in Newcastle.

Our clinic supports individuals who choose to consume Cannabis for the dietary and medical benefits.

My desire to enter politics was birthed from my passion to re-legalise cannabis, protect and preserve our precious natural resources, restore our basic human rights and be a voice for our vulnerable children farmers and seniors.

On my journey back to health I discovered that my well being dramatically improved when I started to look at my food as medicine, and even more so when I started to eat cannabis as food and a dietary supplement.

I became an advocate for cannabis and health after witnessing the many health benefits of consuming hemp seeds and cannabis as food in others as well.

I became an advocate for children with epilepsy after witnessing a 3yr old boy go from 1500 seizures in one day to 5 the next after consuming cannabis as food.

In my job of running a Wellness clinic for the past 3 yrs, which supports thousands of Australians who choose to consume cannabis for the dietary and medical benefits, I come in contact with many many people. Most of these people have been injured by current govt policies such as mandatory immunisation; fluoridation of our water supply; and the prohibition of cannabis.

As far as I am concerned Cannabis Prohibition is the crime against the people of the commonwealth, and every day that cannabis is being withheld from our people, is another day of needless suffering for all Australians. This must change.

Every day I witness people having better quality of life because of cannabis, including loved ones who no longer have to watch family and friends suffer.

It makes me angry that all Australians don’t have that opportunity to access affordable cannabis, which would give all Australians better quality of life and dramatically reduce the burden on the health budget. Home grown cannabis is also a safer recreational therapy than alcohol and street drugs.

If we were growing cannabis in our backyard we would also benefit from access to its nutritional value and the option to make medicine for ourselves and our loved ones when needed.

Up until the 1960s cannabis was a key element in 80% of medicines and our ancestors have been consuming cannabis for 1000s of years prior to its prohibition in 1937.

Decriminalise it or legalise it, it doesn’t matter. What nature gives us is beyond legislation. Nature gave herself to people, she did not give herself to not to corporatocracy.

I became an advocate for children’s rights after witnessing children and their families being neglected and abused in care, some may even say tortured.

I am thus, committed to supporting a wholly beneficial transformation of the Australian Child Protection system, including establishing effective community led support for children and families in need of assistance, mediation and transparency in the organisation, whilst protecting identities of vulnerable children and families.

I became an advocate for the environment after witnessing the damaging effects to the environment from coal seam gas. I believe the time has come for a transition to the protection of our natural resources and self-sustaining industries which could include hemp as just one example – hemp for food, for medicine, plastic and even biodegradable building materials.

As a mother and a grandmother I believe it is my/our responsibility to ensure there are natural resources to aid the well being and longevity of ourselves and all future generations.

I look forward to playing a more active part in being a voice for all Australians and our fundamental human rights, especially vulnerable children, the sick and disadvantaged, our seniors, our farmers and our precious natural resources.
If elected GAP will work with other minor parties towards putting a stop to the erosion of OUR rights by the current 2 party system; and lead the way to change by restoring our ORIGNAL constitution. As your voice in the Senate I will fight for fairness and equality for all people of the Commonwealth of Australia.


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