People's Initiated Referenda

The Great Australia Party (GAP) supports People Initiated Referenda (PIR) as a system that allows all members of society to have a direct say in Government decision making. Representative Democracy only allows individuals who communicate their will back to their representative on all facets of law that affect the community and individuals.

GAP believes in not only upholding the right but the need for all Australians to effectively raise debate on issues of concern and have the mechanism to democratically pursue those issues to produce an outcome of legislative change. The government’s role is to serve the needs of the people through the law of the land.

All submissions must be in the form of a petition and no other and shall have a minimum of 5000 signatures to eliminate any vexatious claims which will avoid any unwanted interruptions or bogging down of Parliament.

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All Great Australian Party policies are subject to the Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900 (UK).

Animal Welfare

Communications, I.T. &
The Arts



Employment & Industrial Relations


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Heavy Vehicles

Immigration & Customs

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International Trade & Treaties

Law & Justice

People's Initiated Referenda

Primary Industries

Seniors & Social Security

Taxation & Finance



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