Tony Dobran



Hi, my name is Tony Dobran and I’m first generation Croatian born in Sunshine, Melbourne Australia.
I am raised Catholic and lived my entire childhood in the Suburb of St. Albans. When I married my wife Caroline in 1999, we moved into the suburb of Keilor Downs together and raised three kids. In 2014 we moved into the next suburb out called Taylors Lakes and it’s still our current place of residence.

I have a radio trades background via apprenticeship that was completed in the early part of 1990’s, with a focus and humble beginnings within the IT industry. By the mid 90’s I made a shift into sales and marketing within wholesale trade and specialising in IT storage or hard disk technology. In 2006, I decided to take a leap of faith on my own and started a small business called Outdoors Online Australia, appealing to the general outdoors person. In 2012, due to the pressures of small business and a growing family, I decided to end that chapter of my life and decided to go back to full time employment. To this day, I am employed full time as a business development manager crafting my trade and relationships within the field of IP Surveillance and hold a Victorian Security License.

By 2008, growing up in the heart of the Western Suburbs, I have seen many changes occurring within the area. From this time, it was a deep concern watching government erode our rights and change our rights into privileges in what we know today as a license in all forms. It was a wakeup call for me as I started to understand that we had no rights and I needed to learn and find out what was going on. So since this time, I have been learning about the law and about the Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900 UK and recognised there was a big conflict and contradiction of what was going on to what should have been going on.

As a community, we recognise and speak out about a lot of different problems happening around us amongst ourselves, but also realise most of us are scared to take any action. There comes a point in life we need to take action and fast tracking to 2019, I’m very fortunate, blessed and proud to be able to stand with a team like GAP and hopefully inspire others not to be afraid and take that leap of faith to move forward. Australia with the indigenous are depending on us to get this right and back on track for all.


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Nathan Web-Smith – Mining and Pastoral

Lawrie Carr- Agricultural

Samantha Vinci – South Metro

Chris Irwin – North Metro

Ben Tilbury- East Metro




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