Nicola Charles

Senate Candidate for The Great Australian Party 

Nicola Charles has spent most of the past 30 years best known for playing the role of Sarah Beaumont on Australian TV screens in Soap Opera “Neighbours”. However, in 2020 Nicola’s life & career took a sharp turn like many others in Australia when she was universally cancelled for speaking out against the measures being taken by Daniel Andrews in Victoria in the name of Pandemic Response. Nicola decided to share her concerns with her followers via her Youtube channel in the name of Nicola Charles, and found it was soon cancelled & she was banned for Life from Youtube. She then decided to begin a Spotify Podcast called Charles in Charge where she vowed to podcast for every day Victoria was in Lockdown. Not knowing how long that Lockdown would actually be. Her Spotify podcast was also cancelled. Nicola then launched The White Rabbit Podcast on patreon, believing anything monetized would be allowed to stand. She was correct & The White Rabbit Podcast on both patreon & rumble is still available today.

Nicola Charles was cancelled because she attempted to inform and assist Australians through this most difficult and confusing time in History. She continues to this via her social media account on X with analytics showing many of her posts garner 2-7 Millions views. This became a problem for the Labour Albanese Government when Nicola spoke out about her concerns regarding The Voice to Parliament Referendum, which saw Nicola recommend to her Australian followers that they vote No. Her opinion on the Referendum was shared over half a Million times on Facebook alone and this rubbed Anthony Albanese up the wrong way and saw him retaliate with a “News Story” on the ABC which labelled Nicola Charles a Conspiracy Theorist and a Liar. However, Australia listened and voted No. The Albanese Government has since attempted to circumvent that Democratic decision by taking his Heritage Laws to State.

Though it may at first seem odd that an actress and radio host has launched herself into the Political Arena, it isn’t. Nicola grew up in a home with a Mother in Microbiology and of course understands Media very well after 40 years working within it. Meaning she smelled a rat very early on in the Pandemic. She grew up in a Farming Community in Worcester, England with family who primarily Farmed Hops for Beer. Nicola is a Christian and a Conservative and decided to raise her three children in Australia because of Australia’s values, values she now see’s being eroded.

Nicola Charles often says that though she was not born in Australia, she is 100% Australian Made, and considers fighting for this great Nation a debt she must repay for the enormous success afforded her by our Country. She is a strong believer in the Commonwealth Constitution 1900UK and the protections it provides to Australians, which is one of the reasons she opposed The Voice to Parliament Referendum, which would have been an Amendment to the Constitution. Nicola believes in Medical Freedom, Bodily Autonomy, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Movement, Freedom to Protest and Freedom of Religion.

Nicola Charles has chosen GAP as her Party of Choice for a Federal Senate run.

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