The Great Australian Party (GAP) is committed to ensuring that Australian’s have access to their abundant supplies of energy, without the price impacts of Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), foreign exchange, excise taxes and flawed Kyoto accords and Paris agreements. We will control our energy resources, encourage the use of true renewable energy and cleaner auto-gas and remove deadly aromatics from petrol, including the use of renewables and reducing liquid fuel prices to a reasonable cost and provide nation-wide uniform fuel pricing.

GAP is committed to a national energy policy, ensuring that Australian’s have access to and benefit from their abundant supplies of energy, without the price impacts of OPEC, foreign exchange, excise taxes and flawed Kyoto accords.

We will control our energy resources and encourage the use of efficient true renewable energy, cleaner auto gas and remove deadly aromatics from petrol, reducing liquid fuels prices up to a reasonable cost and provide nationwide uniform fuel pricing.

Australia is blessed with tremendous mineral reserves, including bio fuels available through agriculture that through value adding to these will produce wealth and jobs for all Australians especially rural communities.

Energy is defined as ‘the ability to do work’. Australia has been blessed with huge energy resources. GAP will up the challenge to convert these almost boundless resources into useable forms of energy, to provide our people and industry with this essential commodity, at the lowest possible prices.

GAP believes all mineral & energy resources belong to The Commonwealth of Australia (Australian people). This includes profits from sale of these resources. Resource rental taxes will be levied on private developers, with forfeiture upon failure to develop them.

GAP is committed to ensuring that Australian’s have access to our abundant supplies of energy, without price impacts, of OPEC, Kyoto accords, excise taxes and deregulation etc.

GAP proposes reinstating the National Energy Research & Development Corporation, to undertake research, exploration, development and marketing of all our energy resources. Our proposed National Super Fund would be an ideal of capital for energy resource development, with foreign investment limited to 49%.

GAP believes Australia has an opportunity to play a major role in defusing explosive world situations caused by induced shortages and profiteering in energy, we can ensure supplies at sensible export prices, from which our economy will benefit.

GAP will encourage the use and development of new technologies for cleaner more efficient bio fuels and conversion to energy.

GAP is committed to clean energy and will legislate to ban all harmful aromatics from petrol, whilst pricing Propane at one third the price of unleaded petrol to encourage its use as a cleaner fuel alternative.

Australia’s oil fields produce excellent quality low Sulphur diesel fuel. GAP will ensure that this is available for our rural, transport, marine industries, without the impact of OPEC and excise taxes on prices. We will be encouraging through our manufacturing base a move away from all diesel fuels and encouraging all heavy vehicles be converted to operate on Propane. Emission testing will be implemented on all vehicles with an emphasis on much lower emissions than current levels. This will mean that all Motor Engineers will be retrained to a much higher level of understanding than currently exists for the benefit of reducing dramatically, suspended unburnt hydrocarbons. We will assist all current education facilities to better implement this re-education with a view to expanding this knowledge worldwide.

GAP believes pricing of Australian produced energy for local consumption should be based on realistic wholesale pricing covering cost and fair profit margins for producers, refiners, distributors and retailers, a small road funding tax, OPEC pricing, excise and other taxes will be removed. (Refer to briefing data)

GAP believes Australia could become a major exporter of energy, in such case we suggest that export prices be set at world market (OPEC) levels based on our local currency from data available from past projects.

GAP will ensure large-scale electricity generation remains in public control; we oppose privatisation of this important industry as it has failed when handed to the private/corporate sector.

GAP opposes the sale of uranium yellow cake at this time. Other forms of energy production will be encouraged through a transparent research and development program.