International Trade & Treaties

GAP will review all treaties & withdraw from those illegally signed, & of no benefit to us. We will ensure competition on a true level playing field with real consumer protection.

Globalisation means Australians giving up their country & we oppose it. Foreign aid will be reviewed, & provided in Australian made products & services to those in genuine need.

The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, of which the actual Constitution is a part, states clearly that “The Commonwealth” means the people of Australia (CACA.3) This means that the Australian people are the Commonwealth of Australia.. GAP will ensure that only the people of Australia have the right to make treaties by referendum.

AID: GAP believes in equality in aid, charity begins at home; first in line for funding will be Australian aid & emergency services & a national disaster fund. Surplus to foreign aid which will be reviewed & provided only in Australian made products & services, to those in genuine need.

GAP opposes ‘Globalism’ it means Australians giving up their country for the profit of a few..

GAP opposes Agenda 21, Kyoto accords, WTO, GATS, & treaties which will result in the destruction of national sovereignty, destruction of national culture, erosion of private property rights, transformation of the law, impose by fraud additional taxes on all Australian’s & destroys our industry.

TRADE: GAP believes in fair trade not free trade, we will ensure that our primary industries remain fully protected from imports, that threaten their viability, strict quarantine requirements will be enforced to protect all agricultural, animal & marine products from imported pests & diseases. We believe in value adding to all products, this will be encouraged enforced & protected where necessary. Our industries & consumers will be protected from unfair competition, eg countries that pay slave labour rates, or produce goods not in accordance with our quality assurance, safety & other standards. In some cases adjustments may be necessary. For those areas that impose high tariffs on our goods, a reciprocal equivalent one will be imposed. Australia’s future & economy is dependent on having a viable manufacturing industry, to replace the flood of imports that is blowing out our national debt.

GAP opposes predatory pricing, & will ensure truth in labelling with country of origin & manufacture to be clearly labelled on all products.