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We appreciate you taking time to get know our policies and we truly believe that with the support of you and many other Australians, we can through remedy restore this country to the values and policies set forth by the Commonwealth Constitution. We invite you to utilise any of our media outlets to support us, stay up to date with the latest GAP news.

We are currently revisiting membership options. While Rod has been the dog in the fight with legal battles in order to bring matters to the attention of our followers for much of his political career, it has of course impacted on his time available to personally contact members on a regular basis.

The support for the Great Australian Party to date, has been greatly appreciated, as these are heavy-weight fights which are attracting attention of the people in Australia, including former Federal Senators in Australia, and people around the world. Your skin in the game gives you the legal right back to your country through the law granted to us at Federation known as the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK).


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