Heavy Vehicles

The Great Australia Party (GAP) is committed to keep Australia on the move with our National Truckers by upholding s 92 Constitution to implement free movement throughout the Commonwealth.

Rod Culleton use to own and operate his own fleet of trucks in Australia, he has a personal passion for the trucking industry and would love to hear from you about any issues you are facing and or policies that need to be taken into consideration for the future. Join GAP today to have your say and make a difference. We actually care about your driving future.

GAP will invoke a Interstate Commission to regulate under federal jurisdiction taking powers away from the States in implementing large fines which are driving people out of the industry and placing drivers at financial risk.

The Commission will overview and implement new laws in consultation with Industry leaders to completely overhaul the law. See s 101 Constitution.

The Commissioner will be responsible for making a fatigue management system which operates on a 24hr period logbook.

5hr Driving (20 Min Rest Time)
• 5hr Driving (20 Min Rest time)
• 5hr Driving (20 Min Rest Time)
• Total Break 8 Hrs Rest Time Continuous
• 13 Day with 1 full day away from work ever fortnight. This will be mandatory across the Commonwealth.

GAP will give the Commissioner powers to allow the following:

• Owner Drivers to collectively register to obtain discounts by bulk purchasing to compete with larger logistics companies.
• Colour tax exempt diesel for on road use
•Oversee rates in order to keep trucks safe on the roads
• Federal powers
• Cop on the beat to police rates
• Review all road tax and roadworthiness laws.