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Petition to His Majesty

Download the Signatures page and the petition from this page.

Notice to Commissioner of Police

Download Notice to the Commissioner of Police Col Blanch, sponsor and send from this page.



From live stream video 8th February 2023
More “Tab man” details coming soon.


From live stream video 27th January 2023
From the book:

“Australia – The concealed colony”

A couple of pages Australia – The concealed colony (pdf)

Copy of Annexure 3 (perhaps send to your “representative”)
2 page letter Annexure 3 (pdf) 10.6.1999 by Robyn Webber, Director, Chamber Research Office, Parliament House, Canberra

Copy of Annexure 10
2 page letter Annexure 10 (pdf) by Adele Byrne, from the Office of the Australian Attorney General, ~ July 1997

Copy of Annexure 16
2 page letter Annexure16 (pdf) 6.7.1999 by Janet Power from the Office of the Australian Attorney General

This book has been hidden from the Australian people for many many years, now they have access to it once more.
From the book “The information in the book belongs to the Australian people”.
Copyright © 1999 Institute of Constitutional Education and Research PO Box 9112, Seaford Mail Delivery Centre, SEAFORD, VICTORIA AUSTRALIA 3198.

The full text of this book can be viewed here:

The COMPLETE book, scanned, saved as a pdf – FOR the People of Australia is available on the GAP Member pages.
Members are encouraged to share. Restricting it to the Members pages to limit the downloads!

**Rod will be sharing his letter he writes to the wo/man acting as a “public officer” to the Members area asap.


The Great Australian Party has a collection of resources to keep you well informed on voting processes, cease and desist orders and more.

Creation of Trading Corporations

It is apparent by reference to public records that the Queen’s representation in Victoria is absent for writ or commission in accord with the Crown of the foundation law for the Commonwealth and the several States within. The button below will allow you to download a Microsoft Word formatted document for your own use to send to the pretender to the role of governor in Victoria so we can correct the current unlawful activity that is occuring in this state.

You will need to edit and add your own details to the order and then send it as per your preferred method of communication. It is very important that you DO NOT change any of the wording.

Cease-and-Desist-Governor-Victoria-1.1 (doc)

Australian Commonwealth DUNS Numbers

List of currently registered trading corporations showing the use of the Commonwealth of Australia as a corporation.
Australis-Commonwealth-DUNS-numbers (pdf)

Resources & Evidence

List Of Farmers Intervener Names List of Farmer Interveners names withheld_2
Kaurareg Intervention Example
2021 Mar 15 Kaurareg Intervention
Tribal Intervention Example  Tribal-Intervention-BHC

Link To N244 Page

N244 Application Notice N244 Application Notice UK template

Case For Jurisdiction
The Case for Jurisdiction
Statute Law Revision Act STATUTE LAW REVISION ACT 1973
Royal Style and Titles Act 1973
Prayer House of Lords Prayer House of Lords signed 7 Nov 2018
Jeremy Gans | Opinions on High 
Intervention Template Form (doc) Intervention application template