GAP is committed to a fundamental level of education which encompasses at the very least, writing, reading, verbal (spoken) and expression skills combined with essential mathematics.

To ensure this we will replace the UNESCO “PROGRESSIVE” system with a full “SYLLABUS” system. Emphasis is on responsibility, competition and discipline. We will address the investigation of particular roles in education e.g. School Inspectors, ensure respect of the various religious Values, Patriotism and Morality. Aptitude tests will be conducted to ensure students are directed towards an education in line with their capabilities and interests.

GAP will work towards returning education of our children to a more positive and valued system but will ban any political leanings as is what is demonstrated today. Teaching about our history, our constitution and voting system and how our Government works.
Issues such as bullying and/or harassment (physical, emotional, cyber bullying) need further addressing in the school system with legitimate consequences to lower bullying incidences.

We will encourage a greater emphasis on early education e.g. looking at starting when the mother is 6 months pregnant. An emphasis will be placed on the first 5 years based on communication in more than 1 language. This early form of education will also encourage a closer bond between Mother and child by utilising a transparent parent and education system bond. Parents will be given a support mechanism through social services to better allow them to take part is the program in those crucial early years.