Law & Justice

The Great Australia Party (GAP) will implement the jurisdiction of any court to be constitutionally compliant under the crown. All courts will have truth in sentencing and equality in justice by JURY TRIALS following mandatory conferrals.

GAP believes that zero tolerance with discretion should be the guiding principal of dealing with crime. hearsay evidence will be removed from all current Civil and Criminal Procedure laws and regulations.

GAP will protect the rights of people in using all reasonable means to protect their property themselves and others against criminal acts, as inherited through the laws of England. GAP will stop default judgements been given by Registrars without the case being heard on the merits. All mortgage actions will be dealt with by a Judge and jury trial.

Sentencing will be the exclusive jurisdiction in criminal offences by a jury of the defendant’s peers.

Mandatory imprisonment for offenders involved in violent crime, organised crime including deportation.

Victims: – need on a case by case basis, if required, a support mechanism via counselling or other like services depending upon the severity of the case.

Legislation should be introduced that puts the rights and protection of law-abiding people or citizens above the rights of criminals.

Treating those who do adult crimes as adults, with boot camps set up for first time Juvenile offenders, to ensure they receive training and discipline about their role and responsibility to society

Vandalism: to be treated as crime, as it has now grown to such a level that it is costing councils, rate and taxpayers millions of dollars per year. This is a complete waste of public funds, all due to the lack of social responsibility from home, schools to courts.

Law needs to be changed making parents responsible for all costs from vandalism until their children are of age.

Schools should teach responsibilities not rights.

Courts need to impose heavy penalties on repeat offenders, after the first warning, repeat offenders to be treated as adult criminals.

Offenders should be given the option to clean up and repair all damage, with sale of their property or jail with hard labour until they earn enough to pay for the rectification of damage and compensation.

Compensation: Compulsory standards must be set for courts to award compensation to victims of crime.

Naming of young criminals who are serial offenders to ensure accountability and treating bullying as a crime.

GAP will correct the Coalition’s failed and costly firearm policy and replace it with effective laws that overcome the use of firearms by criminals.

Selection and direction of Judges and magistrates to be taken out of the political arena. Judicial officers will be trained in common law principles and procedures consistent with the inherited jury-based system of passing judgement.

Desecration of the Australian Flag to be a criminal offence.

GAP will ensure access to justice is according to the inherited law for all.