Notice to Col Blanch, Western Australian Police Commissioner of Police.

In part:

“This matter arises in light of new proposed legislation (Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2021 and proposed amendments foreshadowed Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972) “The Acts claiming inter alia, to affect our private land rights through the Legislature of Parliament of Western Australia.”

First Notice

FirstNoticeColBlanchNoticeOfConstitutionalDeparture (August 8th 2023, 5 page pdf)

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email it to: or

and then post by Registered Mail to:

Col Blanch,
acting as Commissioner of Police,
WESTERN AUSTRALIA POLICE ABN 91 724 684 688, Trading as Western Australian Police,
Police Headquarters,
6th Floor,
2 Adelaide Terrace, East Perth,
Western Australia.

Second Notice

Reminder to Notice of Constitutional Departure – Police – Official Sep2023 (September 7th 2023, 2 page pdf)

Third Notice

Reminder to Notice of Constitutional Departure – Police – Official Oct2023 (October 4th 2023, 2 page pdf)

Fourth Notice

Legislative Assurance & Constitutional Prohibition-CoP-Dec2023 (December 12th 2023, 3 page pdf)

Constitutional Report 1988 Extracts

(sent with fourth Notice) Select Extracts Constitutional Report 1988-DD (7 page pdf by Darren D)


(also sent with fourth Notice) Addendum – References for Constitutional Authority (4 page pdf)