The Great Australia Party (GAP) will ensure the protection of the Australian environment, including National parks, oceans, waterways and atmosphere, for the benefit and enjoyment of all Australians now and in the future.

There will be no debt-for-equity swap to expunge part of the national debt with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) / World Bank for Australia’s national parks and wildlife.

We will foster the development of advanced efficient cleaner energy technologies, encourage the use and conversion to Autogas and low Sulphur diesel and remove deadly aromatics from petrol.

We will not ratify the Kyoto accords and withdraw from agenda 21 and other treaties, which are essentially negative and counterproductive and a disaster of international pseudo-science and dangerously interfere in the climate system.


  • GAP will withdraw from all treaties that threaten our land usage and environment.
  • GAP supports NO FRACKING
  • GAP opposes the flawed Kyoto accords and imposing harmful carbon taxes on Australians.
  • GAP believes water is a valuable resource; therefore, it is essential to conserve it. See our water policy here.
  • GAP opposes the discharge of sewerage to bay and ocean outlets. We propose treatment and recycling of wastewater wherever possible and piping it inland for irrigation and improving flow of inland river systems.
  • GAP proposes the culling of feral animals in our national parks, by sporting shooters controlled shoots, this is a proven method and can leverage the existing SSAA Farmer Assist program to ensure qualified and suitable shooters are engaged.
  • GAP encourages conservation; however, we battle the charlatans who tell us that conservation is a source of energy.
  • GAP supports the preservation of our Brumby’s history and supports constructive management.
  • GAP is pro-energy, but is critical of piddle-power projects that masquerade as significant energy sources.
  • GAP supports clean energy.
  • GAP opposes environmental groups and green parties that are funded by foreign interests with hidden agendas.
  • GAP proposes realistic environmental policies, to protect and improve our environment, for all current and future generations of Australians.
  • GAP will ensure our national parks are kept for the free enjoyment of the people and protection of habitat. Park rangers will be mainly sourced from voluntary organisations and provided with adequate funding to ensure parks are maintained to acceptable standards. We will ensure they remain for Australians now and in the future and not fall into foreign hands such as World Heritage or sold off as debt for equity.
  • GAP will implement the Coastal Protection Act nationwide, with buffer zones to protect the habitat and access to our beaches, coastline, bays and waterways, bringing the numerous and mostly ineffective organisations under one umbrella.