Immigration and Customs

The Great Australian Party (GAP) believes in zero net immigration, (subject to review depending on economic conditions) and that coming to Australia is a privilege that must not be undervalued. We reserve the right of discretion to ensure these privileges are maintained, so protecting our economy, social cohesion and cultural heritage.

GAP notes that immigration throughout the last century has been of great benefit to Australia. However, it must be recognised that inappropriately high levels of immigration can be detrimental to employment, to national infrastructure, services and environment.

Illegal unauthorised arrivals by sea and air, has increased 354%. The situation is virtually out of control. Australian’s are demanding action, these invaders should not be allowed to land on Australian soil, and boats without documentation, containing illegal cargo may be turned around before they enter our waters. Processing will be immediate on a case by case basis. Genuine asylum may be granted depending upon the severity of the individual’s circumstance. The current bridging visa system cannot be tolerated due to its discriminatory demands which encroach upon basic human rights. A strong diplomatic core will be empowered to evaluate problem countries, with a view to resettlement.

GAP will review the criteria for business migration, increasing the minimum capital requirement; participants not complying with agreed terms to be placed on notice of repatriation.

Foreign students will be issued a visa for the period of their term of education.

The carrier’s (airlines and shipping) who convey people to the country without documentation will be responsible for them. This includes immediate return to port of embarkation and any other costs incurred.


GAP will withdraw from United Nations (UN) treaties on migration and refugees, that conflict with our sovereign rights and laws and amend laws if required.