Notice of prohibition to the acting Governor-General

Notice of prohibition to the acting Governor-General

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Dear Sir,

I write to you on behalf of my Federal Party, Great Australian Party (GAP) and the wider electorate of the Commonwealth, including but not limited to, its members, having right to legitimate government of the Commonwealth.

In order for such elections to be lawful and proper, writs are to be passed under the Great Seal of the Commonwealth for the endorsement and protection of the Crown in accordance with the foundation law and Her Majesty’s coronation of 1953.

Notices to your pre-successors were made to which answer was returned that you act on the advice of the Australian Government in contradistinction to, and not under the authority of, the Government of the Commonwealth, or the Parliament of the Commonwealth.

Under your term of acting as Head of State, you presided over a discord of the unison of the Commonwealth community where two classes of Australians have developed by the identification of people on the circumstance of a medical condition, vaccinated or not, and application of restrictions upon those who rightfully exercise their private and confidential choice made apart from government oversight.

The Australian people, known as the Commonwealth of Australia, have the right to be informed of the nature of the office of Governor-General established by the Letters Patent and regulated by the Constitution for the Commonwealth. The record shows that no response has been received for disclosure that your office no longer acts for the Commonwealth, as established 1900, but in substitution of it and without lawful instrument.

This notice is drawn and sponsored by the people as electors upon the failure to answer for disclosure the nature of office indicated to be under Queen of Australia, by reference within your Letter of Commission dated May 30 2019, and by reference to the Great Seal of Australia. The meaning of the manner in which you were allegedly commissioned is taken to exclude the exercise of power of Her Majesty within the Commonwealth of Australia.

Unless the otherwise is demonstrated, your failure to make answer and disclose the tenets of office that you hold, it shall be taken that you hold no representation of Her Majesty, as commissions made by the Queen do not include the Great Seal of Australia, nor reference to Queen of Australia. The foundation law establishing the Commonwealth is the current and rightful law for the Australian people including that as recognised by the first people of this land.

You are to forthwith make declaration to the Australian people that you stand down, and having done so, disclose to them the reasons for your action. In fulfilment of the law,

Rodney Norman Culleton

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