From live stream video 27th January 2023
From the book “Australia – The concealed colony”

A couple of pages Australia – The concealed colony (pdf)

Copy of Annexure 3 (perhaps send to your “representative”)
2 page letter Annexure 3 (pdf) 10.6.1999 by Robyn Webber, Director, Chamber Research Office, Parliament House, Canberra

Copy of Annexure 10
2 page letter Annexure 10 (pdf) by Adele Byrne, from the Office of the Australian Attorney General, ~ July 1997

Copy of Annexure 16
2 page letter Annexure16 (pdf) 6.7.1999 by Janet Power from the Office of the Australian Attorney General

This book has been hidden from the Australian people for many many years, now they have access to it once more.
From the book “The information in the book belongs to the Australian people”.
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The full text of this book can be viewed here:

The COMPLETE book, scanned, saved as a pdf – FOR the People of Australia is available on the GAP Member pages.
Members are encouraged to share. Restricting it to the Members pages to limit the downloads!

**Rod will be sharing his letter he writes to the wo/man acting as a “public officer” to the Members area asap.