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Outside the Court after charge withdrawn, 30th Jan.
From live stream video 8th February 2023

Part/s of the Evidence that were to be used if the charge had not been withdrawn:
Prosecution notice and Criminal Procedure Act 2004 Brief No 2146252-1 (pdf)


From live stream video 27th January 2023
From the book “Australia – The concealed colony”
A couple of pages Australia – The concealed colony (pdf)

Copy of Annexure 3 (perhaps send to your “representative”)
2 page letter Annexure 3 (pdf) 10.6.1999 by Robyn Webber, Director, Chamber Research Office, Parliament House, Canberra

Copy of Annexure 10
2 page letter Annexure 10 (pdf) by Adele Byrne, from the Office of the Australian Attorney General, ~ July 1997

Copy of Annexure 16
2 page letter Annexure16 (pdf) 6.7.1999 by Janet Power from the Office of the Australian Attorney General


The COMPLETE book, scanned, saved as a pdf – FOR the People of Australia.
Australia The Concealed Colony (41Mb pdf)

Rod will be sharing his letter he writes to the wo/man acting as a “public officer” to this Members asap
Members are encouraged to write their own letters, share the letters, send them (preferably by Registered Mail), to your State and Federal MP’s, the Commissioner of Police in your State, the local Magistrate, etc etc.

In this area we will be sharing documents and information that will give people the opportunity to see how it is possible to step out of the Public, and stand in the Private.

More explanation will be given in the Zooms and documents.

New website, new administration of the website, so this Members area WILL be updated with content, and there WILL be Zoom meetings with Rod.
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From the archives: